Yesterday school started–kids and all–but let’s not dwell on that. Let’s dwell on the fact that in a week I’m taking my first day off this year and going Up North, and on the fact that this weekend I’m going to gorge on cheese curds and as many deep-fried things I can handle without dying, and seeing a lot of bands I love (or at least really like) at the State Fair. 

Also, this might be the wrong attitude, but there are only four more days until the weekend, and until I can ostensibly sleep past 4:52, which is when the cat woke me up today.

Last weekend Ben and I did board game night. Saturday we had plans, but…we gave them all up in order to binge-watch “30 Rock.” And then…I gave up all my other plans because I needed an introvert day in which I could lay on the couch and read books. I do not regret it, not even a little.

The plans I gave up on Saturday were going to the Cultivate festival, which was some big food and music festival. I wanted to go, I really did. But not as much as I wanted to give my cat belly rubs. Then it turned out all the food was from Chipotle (not that I don’t love Chipotle, but…eh) and all the bands were bands that I really didn’t know a lot of, and even if it was in fact free, I was in the middle of Nell Freudenberger’s latest.

For some reason the name Grouplove has always super-duper creeped me out. It’s possibly my least favorite band name ever. I feel like I might have spent their whole set wincing. But I love “Tongue-Tied” and it’s stuck in my head A LOT.


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