I have been working so many 50 hour weeks lately, and my brain is so consistently asdfpgouh;rk that I don’t even know what day it is anymore.

Pretty sure it’s not Tuesday, though. Anyway.


This is my hometown. My boyfriend and I were there to see my parents over the weekend. Suffice it to say, it is precisely the opposite of New York City, especially New York City in the ’70s. BUT I’ve been reading a lot about NYC lately, specifically about the Factory and glam rock. (My Amazon order today included a biography of Edie Sedgwick.) There’s been a lot of Velvet Underground in my house, and a lot of Stooges.

Last summer when I went to the Bowie tribute concert someone played “White Light White Heat” and I was kind of confused until about halfway through, because I was pretty sure that wasn’t a Bowie song. It was not, originally. It was another thing he stole from the Velvet Underground, which sounds very pejorative, but I don’t mean it that way, because, you know, David Bowie makes no false decisions.

The original is awesome. The cover is equally awesome. And you need more Ziggy in your day.


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