Bellagio water show

Bellagio water show

Sometimes I think about how every decision I’ve made, everything that’s happened to me has led me to this moment in my life. This is what I thought last night when I stood on a street corner in Las Vegas outside the Bellagio with hundreds of people, watching water spray out in pretty patterns while “My Heart Will Go On” played.


Year of the Snake

Year of the Snake

I didn’t tell my friends, but making hot pot in a slow cooker was a total experiment. It worked. We had Sichuan hot pot, with all the fixin’s: lotus root, napa cabbage, dumplings, potato, enoki mushrooms, meat, and whatever green leafy vegetable I picked up at Shuang Hur. I didn’t make the traditional whole fish, because I’m grossed out by whole fish (plus, it would make my whole apartment building smell), but there were long-life noodles. Also: Tsingtao. Lots of Tsingtao.