I’m still stuck on Wes Anderson. Sunday I re-watched “Rushmore,” my favorite movie of all time. I think the final scene has one of the best uses of music in a film EVER, so I bought “Ooh La La” by the Faces.

Is there a video? Who knows. I didn’t look. You should watch the ending of “Rushmore” instead. None of the Faces are that good to look at, anyway.


5 Reasons



…to see “The Grand Budapest Hotel.”

Wes Anderson has been my favorite director since I realized what a pretentious pseudo-hipster asshole I was turning out to be–right around senior year of high school. But Friday was the first time I’ve actually seen one of his movies in the theater. My Lord, it was so worth it. You should see it, too. Here’s why.

1. The colors. They are SO vivid on a big screen, especially the purple suits.

2. The art direction. If it doesn’t win an Oscar for something artistic next year, I’m suing.*

3. Tilda Swinton. She’s only in a few scenes, but she plays a rich old lady, and she’s virtually unrecognizable. It’s pretty incredible. She’s basically the catalyst for all the action.

4. It’s funny! I think most Wes Anderson movies veer toward the funny-sad, which is my favorite kind of funny. This one gets sad at the end, but mostly it’s just straight-up funny.

5. Jude Law. I will stop loving Jude Law when he stops being beautiful, which I assume will be never. Jude Law + Wes Anderson = the culmination of my life’s work.

*I spent the first 45 minutes of the movie thinking “It’s so BEAUTIFUL” every 10 seconds because of the first two reasons.


I already failed at a “regular feature” in week 2 of it. Maybe this is why I’m not yet a successful professional blogger who can work at home in my pajamas.

Last week my man friend and I went to see a documentary called “Tim’s Vermeer,” which is about a rich-as-God inventor who became obsessed with the realism of Vermeer’s paintings, and then decided to figure out what device Vermeer could have used to paint so realistically–obviously he wasn’t painting from photographs. Tim made a few hypotheses, and when he thought he’d figured it out, he made a reproduction of the room in the painting, and then painted his own reproduction, using the device and techniques he figured Vermeer had used. It seemed to work.

File:Vermeer's The Music Lesson.jpg

Being not at all a STEM kind of person, I only kiiiind of understood the physics and geometry. It involved mirrors and a camera obscura. What I do know is that I love the band Camera Obscura, and their best song (according to me) popped into my head every time Tim (or anyone else) said the words “camera obscura.”

Behold: “Lloyd, I’m Ready to Be Heartbroken,” song of the week.


I like to buy myself a song every weekend. It’s one of the ways I celebrate the fact that I survived another week of teaching middle school. I think I shall share it on Tuesdays, because “Tuesday” and “iTunes” create a neat little portmanteau.

This week I bought “Animal” by Miike Snow. It’s a few years old, and everyone knows it (right? Or just every quasi-hipster, public-radio-listenin’ person I know?) but every once in a while it pops up on one of my Pandora stations and I remember that it makes me super happy. I was looking for a song to add to my Saturday night playlist: something upbeat and party-ish…but board game party with working adults, not a beer pong party. That ruled out Hot Chip, LCD Soundsystem, and most of my favorite Har Mar Superstar.

Here’s the video.


Fonduin’ It

Fondue night. It’s not just for ironic apres-ski activities in Gstaad. (I just learned that fondue is an ironic apres-ski activity in Gstaad. Did you know?)

I combined this recipe and this recipe and it turned out just dandy. I used brats, whole-wheat tortellini, red pepper strips, kettle chips, Fuji apples, and bread cubes as dippers. And since I needed beer for the fondue, I bought a tall boy of PBR and boiled the brats in beer too. I also needed beer for drinking. I find that drinking is the best pre-having-people-over activity you can do.

There was some mad Scattergories action. However, the problem with playing Scattergories with smart people is that three people will write “settee” for “pieces of furniture” when the letter is S. No one will write “sofa.”

There would be pictures of the spread, but the cat prevented my getting everything ready early by BEING INTO EVERY GODDAMN THING.

I recommend you invite crafty people as guests whenever possible. Tea wreath: coolest hostess gift ever.Image

I also recommend inviting Michiganders, because this wine exists in Michigan and I love it. Image