The world made this one easy for me this weekend.

1. I guess “Parklife” turned 20 last week. That made me feel old, but I’m not sure, because in 1994…I don’t remember who I was listening to, but I wasn’t a fifth-grader into Britpop. Wouldn’t I have been the coolest if I had been?

2. Last week was also National Karaoke Week. It exists, and I did not celebrate, which was a whole lot of fail. But no doubt no doubt, this is my favorite karaoke song.

(The official video is gone, but here’s a live version.)


Mall of America haiku

Lime green tulle prom dress

My dear, you are just so young

You will regret this.


“Let’s Be Cops” trailer

Oh sure, I’ll take your survey

Wait, is this for real?


Jake Johnson, just…why?

I was brutally honest.

Hollywood is saved.






For as long as I’ve lived in Minneapolis, I haven’t been able to partake in Record Store Day for some reason or another. Finally, I got to, and the whole day just ended up being one big long love letter to my neighborhood.

Ben and I went to the Electric Fetus. It was crazy busy. I didn’t buy anything, but I got some OutKast stickers. I was inordinately excited about them. (OUTKAST COME TO MINNESOTA THIS SUMMER, KTHNX.) We saw this band, Two Harbors. (I didn’t hear this song, but man, I love this one.)

The rest of the day was all about:

*Sweet potato tacos from the Chef Shack food truck out back OMNOMNOM.

*Doughnuts at Glam Doll. I had the peanut butter-Sriracha, and it was incredible.

*Looking longingly at Dr. Hauschka’s stuff that I can’t afford at the new day spa on Nicollet.

*Snarky “congrats on the baby” card shopping for Isabel and Brandon at the stationery store next to that.

Goddamn, I love where I live.

Then I went to Ben’s, and we saw “20 Feet from Stardom.” I loved it, and it was so worthy of the Best Documentary Oscar it won. Since we watched this, Saturday night, I’ve had “Gimme Shelter” stuck in my head. As big a Stones fan as I am, I hadn’t actually owned this song yet. And it’s obviously the greatest background singer performance of all time. The video I’m posting doesn’t have the original background singer (Merry Clayton), but the one in this performance (Lisa Fischer) is in the movie too, so it all gets tied together.



Does this look like the world’s most beautiful LA Fitness to you? I spent about an hour and a half looking at it Friday night, stuck in the left turn lane waiting for Triple A when my boyfriend’s car just…stopped. It grew on me. I was probably a lot crankier than I needed to be during this ordeal, considering it wasn’t my car that became inoperable. (Sorry, Ben.)

I learned a lot this weekend.

1. I forgot how difficult it can be to be vegetarian. (I didn’t mention it, but for the moment I’ve stopped eating meat, except yuppie meat, like, local/organic/free-range/star charts done.) This meant that at not-yuppie restaurants Ben and I went to, it was salads and grilled cheese sandwiches for me.

2. “Orange Is the New Black” is as good as everyone said. I read the book over spring break, and I had to start watching.

3. The “Fuck Mountain” card will ALWAYS win you a hand of Cards Against Humanity. No matter what the question. I’ve never seen it lose.

4. Let’s say your boyfriends friends have a party where they have everclear? And you drink a bunch of it? And for some reason you start talking about the Sex Pistols version of “My Way” and insist ALL NIGHT that you need to watch “Sid and Nancy” immediately? Don’t trust your boyfriend’s friend when he says it’s on Netflix. Learn from my mistakes, kids: “SID AND NANCY” IS NOT ON NETFLIX. The world is unfair. So it’s my song of the week.

PS: So…do any of you own this movie? I do still really want to see it again.

5 reasons

…that maybe I’m not too old to go to a punk rock show.

Ben and I went to see Guttermouth at the Triple Rock the other night. Even though he warned me that it probably wouldn’t end until 10:30, I thought, “Well, I’m only young once.” Even though if you ask the middle schoolers, I’m not even that anymore. Anyway:

1. Guttermouth allowed me to relive my youth. Specifically, it allowed me to relive summers and winters home from college, hanging out with my punk rock hockey player friends. We would grill at Matt’s, make each other mix CDs, and drink at the Bierstube. It was the only era of my life when I could walk into a bar and have the waiter ask if I wanted the usual.

2. It was refreshing to go to a show where people showed their appreciation by screaming things like, “I’M YOUR #1 FAN!!!” At the shows I usually go to, people show their appreciation by standing in one place and nodding along. Maybe tapping a foot when they’re feeling crazy (The Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks show I saw a few months ago would be the apotheosis of this.)

3. This is site-specific, and I didn’t even eat there on Tuesday, but the Triple Rock has the best bar food. Their poutine makes me so happy.

4.Going to work on Tuesday and saying, “Oh, I’m so tired; I only got 4 hours of sleep ’cause I went to see a punk show” gives me some cred with my students. Is it wrong that I do love it when middle schoolers think I’m cool? Maybe I’m making up for when I actually was a middle schooler, and was decidedly not cool.

5. New bands. I loved Nostrildamus, partially because it was two girls, so I felt righteously feminist, partially because the name is excellent, and partially because they were awesome. This isn’t from their Tuesday set, but it’s equally badass.


I still haven’t written about my spring break. There’s so much to say and I got lazy when I got the chance to be.

Also, I didn’t buy a song last weekend, because I got paranoid about money. I just didn’t want to spend that $1.29. My lord, that’s a pound of rice! Almost.

Instead, to celebrate today being Biz Markie’s 50th birthday, here’s a Biz Markie video.


A lot happened this weekend. I will get into it, but being on spring break kind of feels like it actually is still the weekend. Suffice it to say, if I had to define my weekend with one condiment, it would be gravy. A lot of gravy was involved. Also, kaiser helmets.

Ben and I listened to this song at least four times on Saturday alone, no joke. It is still stuck in my head. He said that this video is considered the first “anti-video,” and he’s probably right, because he’s really good at Google.