Meet me on the mighty midway


Even if it’s 10 AM, you eat Sweet Martha’s while the gettin’ is good.


I will never tire of this man and his shirtlessness.

Oh, and this is where you can find Ben and me recommending fair food for Minnesotan musicians. I daresay we put considerably more thought into most of our answers than a lot of our compatriots on the blog did.


Everything that is good about the Minnesota State Fair is right here.


* A literal bucket of cheese curds

* Jello salad ice cream (actually super good)

* Mini donut beer (I was really into it)

*  Cone of Sweet Martha’s chocolate chip cookies

* Organic watermelon (which made me feel better about eating a bucket of cheese curds)


I can connect about 33% of my life to “Parks & Rec,” and I feel like Leslie would really be into this statue dedicated to “all Minnesota women.” Tom would be into the Jacuzzis in the tent next door.



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