It’s Tuesday and this week is already taking forever.

Maybe because I’m looking forward to Friday. People quitting is a pretty common occurrence at my job, but it’s still always disappointing when a friend does. Friday night I’ll be having the latest entry in my “former colleague” column over for dinner and board games. I’m forecasting a rainy, chilly fall night–for absolutely no reason, but I feel like that would be a really nice night. Some friends, some booze…yeah, some rain would feel nice. I’ve cooked up a vibe on my playlist that would befit that.

A couple of months ago my boyfriend and I learned that Aubrey Plaza starred in the video for Father John Misty’s song “Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings.” My reaction was, “I don’t know what I just saw but I’m terrified of it.” Ben’s was “I want to see everything that director has ever done.” But I do love the song, and it will be perfect for a hopefully-rainy-Friday-with-friends.


September (October) gurls, vol. 2: an assortment of others

I had to buy wrist warmers the other day, so I guess fall is here. Today I’m celebrating that by wearing a hoodie and puffy vest and listening to Miley Cyrus. I love seasons. Here are a few other things that happened in September. It involved a lot of food.

These were entitled "the best fucking donuts ever" to celebrate P.O.S.'s show and they involved a side of gravy. So yeah, an appropriate name.

These were entitled “the best fucking donuts ever” to celebrate P.O.S.’s show and they involved a side of gravy. So yeah, an appropriate name.

Hey, remember that time I saw the Replacements? And Paul Westerberg made fun of the Saints jersey he got and said he bet Bob Dylan didn't have to wear one? And they played "Kiss Me on the Bus?" That was awesome.

Hey, remember that time I saw the Replacements? And Paul Westerberg made fun of the Saints jersey he got and said he bet Bob Dylan didn’t have to wear one? And they played “Kiss Me on the Bus?” That was awesome.

Vegan roasted butternut alfredo + roasted apple-beet salad: fall even when it's 80 degrees like when I made it

Vegan roasted butternut alfredo + roasted apple-beet salad: fall even when it’s 80 degrees like when I made it

There’s more to life than [nonfiction] books…

I’m now TWO MONTHS behind on book check-ins. So let’s start slow, with the nonfiction I read last month, because I decided for no reason that August was Novel Month.

I love Mike Doughty, but was mostly too young to ever get into Soul Coughing, though I got into their jazzy weirdness later. The Book of Drugs made me feel bad about that. If Mike Doughty’s memoir is to be believed, that band is full of awful people. Jeff Buckley is kind of a jerk, too. Also, heroin is still bad.

My best friend is a fluent French speaker, and spent almost a year in France. After I read Provence 1970 I texted to see what Provence was like. I was kind of hoping that it was overhyped. Unfortunately, she says it is not. This book made me want to go to France BAD, but I might need a time machine, too.

Dearie, because Julia Child continues to be one of my heroes. She supported Planned Parenthood on top of it all! I own a Julia Child cookbook now. I can cook kidneys whenever I feel like it.

I plucked The Floating Brothel from my best friend’s bathroom floor. Her husband wasn’t too sad to part with it. And rightly so. This book isn’t bad (it’s about a ship full of female convicts being transported from England to Australia in the late 18th century) but the title is definitely the most interesting part.

Dry just wants to remind you that Augusten Burroughs had a super fucked-up childhood, and inform you that he is an alcoholic, too. This sounds dismissive, but it ‘s interesting in a trainwreck way. Also, Augusten knows how to throw a good relapse. Good meaning “making for interesting reading,” that is.

I bought In My Skin for a former student who did something awesome for me. I have an unfortunate (?) tendency to read any book before I give it to someone, and consequently it’s still sitting on my bedroom floor. I did the same with this one, even though, why? I’d never heard of Brittney Griner, even though she purportedly is the world’s most famous female basketball player. Sports memoir = talent + hardship. Hopefully it’s going to go to a more appreciative home.

My best friend and I are both adamant that Nine Parts of Desire should be way more famous. Personally, I’m not sure if it isn’t because it’s pre-9/11, and/or because it’s about women. Also, it’s not a terribly flattering portrait of Islam. But it’s very thought-provoking, in a way I’m led to believe Ayan Hirsi Ali is.

Let’s all have marriages like Mariane and Daniel Pearl, although let’s have them end differently. I saw the film version of A Mighty Heart a long time ago–I think in China–and would like to rewatch it now that I’ve read the book. It’s fast-paced like a thriller, but also has a really beautiful love story. And you’ll cry A LOT.



Still pretty much riding high off the David Bowie exhibition documentary I saw last week. DAVID BOWIE WHY CAN’T I BE YOU. The best part was when the avant-garde Japanese fashion designer put on his reading glasses to read a statement. Kansai Yamamoto is, I hope, designing for Lady Gaga now, but maybe she’s too mainstream?

It’s still about another six weeks until my birthday celebrating my real-life loves, plus Bowie, plus Chicago, plus Chicago pizza, and I’m trying to get more Berlin-era Bowie into my life before I go to the MCA and see his synthesizer from those days. I’ve got all the glam rock Bowie albums of the early ’70s, more or less, but now’s when it’s time for late ’70s/early ’80s stuff.

Is this not one of the greatest videos?


I had another extremely musical weekend. I saw Spoon! I’ve loved Spoon since college, over 10 years, and this is tragically the first time I’ve seen them live. The opener, EMA, made me nervous for the show. Insofar as I hated EMA. And it gave me pause to what I might expect from Spoon, but they were really excellent. You never realize until you see a whole set just how much tambourine and keys Spoon involves.

Saturday was breakfast at a new place in my neighborhood, which the manager said will soon a) have a liquor license, and b) be 24 hours. Can you imagine? Coming back from the bars and then drunkenly getting eggs Benedict at 4 AM? I love where I live.

Then I exploited my boyfriend’s Netflix and we watched the Big Star documentary I’ve wanted to see for a long time. It was really good, and I even managed to make it through every time they showed any of “Thirteen” without crying. Even the Elliott Smith version! Award fodder, Itellsya. Here’s the trailer for the doc. It’s worth your while. Then YOU pick the song. I’ve been listening to “The Ballad of El Goodo” lots, personally, because I think it’s a perfect summer-transitioning-to-fall song.

September gurls, volume 1: I went to Ely.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to hang out on a Sunday, running errands and making grown-up dinner and wearing stretchy pants. Reason #1: two weeks ago I spent a weekend in Ely with my best friend and her husband and 8 bottles of homemade wine. Let’s start there.




I'm gonna have to go up north more often. I have literal bedfuls of dogs there.

I’m gonna have to go up north more often. I have literal bedfuls of dogs there.

I went up north, and in between yoga and making mushroomy dinners and drinking A LOT we saw some Anishinaabe dancers at the Harvest Moon Festival.

These Anishinaabe dancers at the Harvest Moon Festival were considerably more picturesque than the chili tots or wild rice/walleye pizza, although those tasted way better, I assume.



Still behind on my posting. We’re gonna have to live with that. It’s been a bonkers busy two weeks.

Let’s make this short. This happened:

I was here.

I was here.

Here is one of my not-very-good pictures, among many, of THE FIRST REPLACEMENTS SHOW IN MINNESOTA SINCE 1991. It had the single best logo I’ve ever seen, and I was actually going to buy a t-shirt–I’ve long since stopped buying concert t-shirts, since I realized that my love of bands don’t always last forever (see: Lit.) This t-shirt would’ve been worth it, but alas, I do not wear a men’s small, which was all they had by the time I made my way to merch.

This show was worth paying double face-value to a dude on Craigslist. It was worth having to park a mile (a literal mile) away. It was worth standing all night after having stood all day at the racetrack. The Replacements aren’t even my favorite band in the world–I love them, no doubt, but I probably love Husker Du more. Maybe. But the opening chords of “Favorite Thing” got me a little verklempt. And it wasn’t just me.

Other points of awesomeness:

*My boyfriend is now officially sold on the Hold Steady, because you can’t not be once you’ve seen them live

*Craig Finn very politely squeezed by me

*The mayor of St. Paul came out and proclaimed it Replacements Day, with “whereas”es and everything

*Paul Westerberg did “Skyway,” solo, acoustic as the first encore

*And they did two encores

*There were several covers, most notably the Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back,” which they dedicated to Slim Dunlap

Here’s a fan video of “Unsatisfied,” the last song of the night. Suffice it to say, there was a LOT of Replacements listening this weekend.