Gah, I’d gotten so consistent. It’s been a punishing week.

I was thinking about how, in the fall, I really love lady singers. I’m not sure if this is a new phenomenon. Maybe it’s not a phenomenon at all and I was just really feeling it for a day and then extrapolated it.

Then I started thinking about Mirah.

I was introduced to Mirah about 10 years ago, when somebody put “Cold Cold Water” on a mix CD. I was hooked. I love her resonant voice, and how well she uses orchestration, and how she writes some dirrrrty lyrics. (Around 10 years ago I also listened to a lot of Princess Superstar.) Also she has a voice that’s easy for me to sing along with, which always makes me happy.

“What happened to Mirah?” I thought as I sat at home, eating a soba noodle bowl that I haven’t convinced myself to eat much of since. What happened is that she released a new album last spring. Presumably she toured and I missed it. I’ve only downloaded one of the new songs so far, “Goat Shepherd,” which I picked because: goats.

YouTube doesn’t have a lot of Mirah, and not this song. This one is a Mirah song, and Thao from the Get-Down Stay-Down is in on it. It’s at Thao’s house, and she has a picture of Ron Swanson on one of her shelves (you can see it at the very beginning of the clip) and it made me multiply my Thao fandom x100.


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