I had another extremely musical weekend. I saw Spoon! I’ve loved Spoon since college, over 10 years, and this is tragically the first time I’ve seen them live. The opener, EMA, made me nervous for the show. Insofar as I hated EMA. And it gave me pause to what I might expect from Spoon, but they were really excellent. You never realize until you see a whole set just how much tambourine and keys Spoon involves.

Saturday was breakfast at a new place in my neighborhood, which the manager said will soon a) have a liquor license, and b) be 24 hours. Can you imagine? Coming back from the bars and then drunkenly getting eggs Benedict at 4 AM? I love where I live.

Then I exploited my boyfriend’s Netflix and we watched the Big Star documentary I’ve wanted to see for a long time. It was really good, and I even managed to make it through every time they showed any of “Thirteen” without crying. Even the Elliott Smith version! Award fodder, Itellsya. Here’s the trailer for the doc. It’s worth your while. Then YOU pick the song. I’ve been listening to “The Ballad of El Goodo” lots, personally, because I think it’s a perfect summer-transitioning-to-fall song.


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