Still behind on my posting. We’re gonna have to live with that. It’s been a bonkers busy two weeks.

Let’s make this short. This happened:

I was here.

I was here.

Here is one of my not-very-good pictures, among many, of THE FIRST REPLACEMENTS SHOW IN MINNESOTA SINCE 1991. It had the single best logo I’ve ever seen, and I was actually going to buy a t-shirt–I’ve long since stopped buying concert t-shirts, since I realized that my love of bands don’t always last forever (see: Lit.) This t-shirt would’ve been worth it, but alas, I do not wear a men’s small, which was all they had by the time I made my way to merch.

This show was worth paying double face-value to a dude on Craigslist. It was worth having to park a mile (a literal mile) away. It was worth standing all night after having stood all day at the racetrack. The Replacements aren’t even my favorite band in the world–I love them, no doubt, but I probably love Husker Du more. Maybe. But the opening chords of “Favorite Thing” got me a little verklempt. And it wasn’t just me.

Other points of awesomeness:

*My boyfriend is now officially sold on the Hold Steady, because you can’t not be once you’ve seen them live

*Craig Finn very politely squeezed by me

*The mayor of St. Paul came out and proclaimed it Replacements Day, with “whereas”es and everything

*Paul Westerberg did “Skyway,” solo, acoustic as the first encore

*And they did two encores

*There were several covers, most notably the Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back,” which they dedicated to Slim Dunlap

Here’s a fan video of “Unsatisfied,” the last song of the night. Suffice it to say, there was a LOT of Replacements listening this weekend.


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