I gave incomplete due to the show I saw at the State Fair. It was so good.

* the Cactus Blossoms (I missed them because my boyfriend insisted on a bacon-wrapped turkey leg, but I can vouch for their goodness)

* Har Mar Superstar: it was so weird to be seeing him in broad daylight in a massive stadium…but it was such a perfect thing to be singing along with “DUI” under beautiful skies

* Cloud Cult: I’m a little meh about them (but love “Everybody Here Is a Cloud” passionately) but: painters onstage! yes!


Turns out they were a fox and a skeletal rabbit. The paintings, not the band members.

Turns out they were a fox and a skeletal rabbit. The paintings, not the band members.

* Bob Mould: I saw him once before and also was a little meh (not about his performance, because he puts on a real rock & roll show) but about his music, but now I’m a believer. Also, every time he plays a Husker Du song I feel like I’m seeing rock history/making up for the bad luck I had being born where I was 20 years too late. Also also, he ended on “Celebrated Summer” (perfect) and segued into the Mary Tyler Moore Show theme song (perfect perfect)

*Brother Ali (he was really the headliner but we only stayed for half because of my boyfriend’s job starting at stupid o’clock AM.) I forgot how he has the best voice of any MC in Minneapolis–it’s a lot fuller and more resonant than most. I also forgot that “Us” makes me almost-cry. Which brings me to:

*DOOMTREE. Good lord. Amazing. So much energy! It looked like they were having so much fun! I put a very high premium on bands looking like they’re enjoying themselves. I’ve been listening to them almost nonstop since Saturday night. I think “Team the Best Team” is my favorite, I think, but “Bangarang” has a video (starring Har Mar! Synergy!) and I like to sing it to my cat. (“Beats? Sound the same / Cats? Sound the same”) Yeah, I’m that girl.



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