iTu(n)esday (or, Sweet Home Chicago)

I hate showers. Baby showers and bridal showers. Really, any shower that takes place outside the confines of a bathroom.

But I love my friends, a lot. And I love Chicago. Maybe in equal amounts. So I trekked to Chicago over the weekend for a baby shower. Via Greyhound, because that’s how important this lady is to me. Last time I went to Chicago, I was just getting over a nasty stomach bug, and didn’t feel well, and she said she was getting over a bad hangover, and we walked around Logan Square looking for a) brunch, and b) a brunch that would be palatable to each of us. (We consumed a lot of pita bread that weekend.) That hangover turned out to be a little boy.

I sat through the shower–which honestly was better than I was expecting; it was nice to catch up with people I knew–but it got better afterwards.

DSCN0481I stayed at the parents’-to-be house (where do I put the apostrophe in that?) and there were mojitos, with mint from their garden! (Not for her, of course.) Mojitos are a tradition for us.

DSCN0483My honorary niece, Ziggy. She’s full of smiles and kisses and tail-wagging. (Don’t tell her, but I love her brother Bandit just a liiiiiittle bit more, because he thinks he’s a cat.)


And this is just a little something I like to call the greatest city in America.

Greyhound actually really held it together this trip, I have to say. And on the way back I sat next to a lawyer–possibly the only man in history who’s ever worn a suit on the Greyhound–and we talked about public transportation development and the politics of gentrification in Minneapolis. He was my parents’ age, and had a vague Woody Allen look about him, but I totally got a brain crush on him.

Riding a long-distance bus makes me feel like a character in Simon & Garfunkel’s “America.” There were a lot of songs I’ve been into this week, but I haven’t stopped singing this one to myself for three days.

There might be a video; I’m not sure. But why dig when you know there’s an as-good-as-the-original cover by Bowie from the 9/11 concert?


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