5 reasons…

…to eat in the East Village next time you’re in New York.

I’m an East Village girl. I’d shell out to stay there (and by NYC standards, it’s not at all shelling out to stay at my hotel of choice) even with my best friend’s amazing cheap hotel work perks if it meant we’d have to stay in Times Square or something.
Even though Times Square is kinda cool to look at

Disclaimer: I don’t take pictures of my food when I go to restaurants because people who take pictures of their food when they go to restaurants look like dicks.

1. I met up with my British friend E in NYC. She arrived in the morning and hung out with a mutual friend of ours; I arrived at night. I said if my stuff was at the hotel when she got back, and I wasn’t, I’d be at Veselka. And I was there within the hour. If my dreams ever made sense and were actually related to my life, I would dream of the borscht. When I think of my favorite colors, one of them is “Veselka borscht pink.”

2. I cannot fathom why in America we eat things like bourbon chicken in Chinese restaurants, and there are no rou jia mou or lamb noodles to be found. American Chinese restaurants legitimately make me angry sometimes. Xi’an Famous Foods has absolutely the best Chinese food I’ve ever had in America, the “It tastes like China!” kind.

3. If you go to Momofuku Milk Bar at 11 AM and order a bagel bomb, your accompanying crack pie milkshake can become a legitimate breakfast.

4. My favorite memory of my 2011 NYC trip is evenings on the patio at Khyber Pass with a glass of sangria and a mango hookah. (This was the site of the legendary “Mark Mothersbaugh is a pussy” story.) No hookah this time, but the sangria is as good as I remember, and the meatless badenjan bouranee is amazing.

5. Yelp informs me that Cozy Soup ‘n’ Burger is actually in Greenwich Village, but I can walk there from the St. Mark’s so it counts. I’ve never had soup there. But the burgers are really good, and if you get up in the middle of the night and think, “I’d love the most epic banana split the world has ever seen,” Cozy is on it.


Also clearly not the East Village, but where else am I going to put this?


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