I’m trying to be In The Moment as I write this, but it’s challenging, because I’m sitting in the airport, getting ready to fly to NYC. My belly has been dreaming of pierogies and borscht at Veselka since my last trip there three years ago.

To try to distract myself from the thought of beet-y goodness, I went to a ’90s party on Saturday. I dressed up as Courtney Love, since the promise of incessant mockery in my hometown prevented me from doing so in 1994. (So did being 12, I guess.) There were Pop Rocks and Pixy Stix, but they were even better than they were in the ’90s because now they were dissolved in vodka. 

Besides missing the boat on riot grrl, I also missed the boat on Unrest. I never once heard this song, from 1993, until probably 2005, and maybe later. FAIL, 1990s. And now it is maybe my favorite song the decade produced, with the maybe exception of Weezer’s “El Scorcho.” Anyway:


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