Shinin’ and swappin’

Yesterday was an introvert day for me. My summer has been filled to the BRIM with people, and it’s been awesome, but I needed one friggin’ day to lay on my couch with my cat and read books start-to-finish.


I made one of my summer resolutions happen Friday night, with a tiny dinner party with my boyfriend and two of our friends. We ate shrimp enchiladas, judged my cat for falling off things, swapped books, told rock & roll stories, and drank an entire jar of the peach moonshine (all the way from Mississippi!) that I’ve been holding onto since May. I’ve had this stuff several times, and I know precisely how dangerously drinkable it is.




The rest of this jar was finished by the time I went to bed.


This is the stack of books I got. There is glorious rock and roll reading ahead. There was glorious stout drinking from Michigan’s Brickside Brewing behind.

Hosting a kind of Southern/Mexican dinner featuring moonshine and book swapping with friends? Here are 5 songs for the playlist.

1. Alejandro Escovedo, “Always a Friend”

2. Peggy Lee, “A Doodlin’ Song”

3. the Be Good Tanyas, “The Littlest Birds”

4. the 4onthefloor, “Junkie”

5. Johnny Cash, “Aloha Oe” (double points if one of the books you swap is Sarah Vowell’s Unfamiliar Fishes)


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