Isn’t it funny how weird things can make you feel like an adult? Yesterday I bought sweet corn. I don’t think I’ve ever bought sweet corn and made it just because I felt like eating it. Turns out, it wasn’t that good. One of the few areas my hometown beats Minneapolis is in Number of Farmers Selling Local Sweet Corn Out of Pickups Next to City Hall. It’s the sweet corn I grew up with, and it’s hard to beat.

One thing that does not make you feel like an adult is when it’s summer vacation and you start forgetting what day of the week it is.

Luckily, my sins have been absolved by the Gods of Making Up Ridiculous Holidays, because today is I Forgot Day. So let’s pretend it’s Tuesday.

If I had gotten my shit together months ago, I would’ve bought tickets to see Courtney Barnett. Of course it sold out, BUT she did an in-store at the Electric Fetus. There would’ve been photographs, but Ignatius had spitefully fucked around with the stuff on my nightstand and my camera was nowhere to be seen at the moment. You’ll have to believe me when I say that Courtney Barnett has really good bangs. Or watch the video, I guess. She had the kind of awkward banter a musician has when they’re not used to making stage banter yet. It’s one of my top five favorite types of banter.

I should’ve downloaded this song looooong ago (I love when singers sing with accents, especially when they’re singing about gardening and improperly using asthma “puffers”), but this has been the month where I hang out with Aussies, so it’s appropriate now.


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