First world problems, guys.

Which song would be my Official Jam of the Week? Should I subject everyone to the Old 97’s, on account of another magnificent show? Should I try to be cutting edge and post Kentucky Knife Fight, one of their openers? Should I wallow more and post Spoon, one of my favorite bands, whom I didn’t get to see on Sunday because of my cousin’s wedding and whom everyone was all “It was their best show in Minneapolis ever!” about?


I take Summer Jams seriously, so seriously that I must capitalize the genre. I think about mine a lot, starting around the beginning of May. Oftentimes I go with whatever pop culture says it is: “Get Lucky” and “Blurred Lines” are for sure mine from last summer. (Guess what? I’m a feminist and I LOVE “Blurred Lines;” it’s the most-played song on iTunes for me.) This summer miiiight be the summer everyone gets sold on the wonder of Scandinavian pop…or maybe not. But if I had a convertible (or could even drive one) this would be the song that I’d want blaring from the speakers on hot, sunny days.

(Apparently the real video is forthcoming. This is the lyric video, which is, obviously, boring.)


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