Constructive summer

It’s day 4 of summer vacation. So far my days have been filled with sleeping until the ungodly hour of 6:30, and meeting my dad for lunch, and lots of reading. So much reading. (The bus, it turns out, is an awkward place for Lolita, even if probably no one was actually giving me the side-eye I thought I felt.)

And I’ve already seen my beloved Old 97’s. They covered a Clash song. All was right with the world, except that Rhett Miller still has better hair than I ever will.


I have about a month until my vacation is basically over for how crazy-busy it gets. So my summer resolutions are:

1. Picnic the fuck out of this city. The zoo! The Walker! The lakes! No patch of grass shall be left un-blanketed.

2. At least one dinner party. I’m going to feel like a glutton if I don’t share the Mason jar of Mississippi moonshine I’ve acquired.

3. Get at least kind of caught up on my reading, even though I’ve been reminding myself that I’ve read 47 books so far this year, and that’s not a bad showing.

4. At least 2 movies in the park. It’s my favorite part of summer in the city.

5. As many concerts (preferably outdoor) as I can get my little mitts on. The next one I have scheduled isn’t for another 2 months. Unconscionable.

Your summer resolutions?



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