I went to Boston over the weekend. It’s probably the shortest trip I’ve ever taken in my life, less than 36 hours in total. I fit in a LOT of stuff, though: lobster bisque and oysters and Kentucky bourbon beer Friday night with a friend from high school, a long walk in Boston Common, along the Freedom Trail and through a couple of cemeteries (basically, the route of the Pride parade, with more of a Sarah Vowell in The Wordy Shipmates twist) Saturday morning followed by the best dumplings I’ve had since 2008 in Chinatown, and then the wedding of a couple of friends.

Cemeteries are one of my favorite things when I travel. The oldest graves I’ve seen in Minnesota have been around 200 years old, so I really nerd out when I go out East and see people who died in, like, 1660.


Clockwise from the top left, that’s John Hancock, Paul Revere, the victims of the Boston Massacre, and Sam Adams. I was a little embarrassed when I saw that Crispus Attucks was a guy killed in the Boston Massacre. I just remembered him as a guy with an awesome name. History fail.

There’s no official video for me to post (and believe me, I looked) but I felt I would be remiss if my pick for the week hadn’t been “Paul Revere” by the Beastie Boys.



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