One of my dreams for Austin–not ranking up there with my margarita-and-pool dreams, but a dream nonetheless–was to discover a kickass local band.

I saw the Ghost Wolves’ picture in the Austin alternative weekly, in which their huge dog was prominently featured. My response was naturally “ZOMG PUPPYYYY!!!” and then I read that Alejandro Escovedo liked them and had taken them on tour, and I was sold. Sadly, I didn’t get to see them live–they played an in-store at a record shop the day I left, because Alyssa can’t have nice things.  I love the swampy, bluesy, dirty tone of “Gonna Live.”The chorus also came in handy to sing to myself when I was on two very dicey, turbulent plane rides home. If I was gonna go, I was gonna go out watching “Parks and Rec” (albeit soundlessly) with a new song in my head, drinking a Dr. Pepper.



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