A field guide to rock & roll art in Austin

Among our heavy schedule of drinking margaritas,eating queso, and hanging out on our hotel’s rooftop pool, Amanda and I have done a LOT of walking, some of which was purposeful, and some of which was not. We’ve stumbled into a lot of fine art that befits the Live Music Capital of the World.

This Joan Jett one, by Shepard Fairey, is my favorite. It’s at 304 W. 4th St.


Willie Nelson. It was unveiled on 4-20, 2012, just after 4:20 pm, which was allegedly a coincidence. A coincidence LIKE A FOX. Rumor has it that Willie keeps a pot stash hidden somewhere in the statue in case of zombie apocalypse. I assume it’s a false rumor…but you never know Willie. (“Gotta be prepared,” my dad said when I texted him the picture.) Willie Nelson Blvd. (2nd St.) and Lavaca.Image

This place is a design studio now, but I assume it used to be a club. Did I angle it this way specifically to get Prince’s beautiful tiny face in the picture? Maaaaaybe… even if it did mean I missed out on a fine likeness of Sam Beam’s beard. 612 W. 4th St.


Johnny Cash. I didn’t pay attention to where these things were at the time, so I’ve had to Google all the locations. Most sites I can find just say “Rio Grande, just below 6th Street.”


There’s a Stevie Ray Vaughan statue in a park next to Lady Bird Lake that I didn’t photograph, but I DID voluntarily hike through for at least 2 miles, so…there’s that. It’s probably worth a check-out if you’re in Austin and into him, which I am not, particularly. I’m waiting for Britt Daniel’s likeness to be cast in bronze.


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