I’ve been off my game.

2 weeks ago I didn’t add any new music. Last week I didn’t either. But here’s what I did over the weekend instead:

1. Celebrated my friend Erin’s second MA at the CC Club. There was whiskey.


2. Hangover breakfast at Glam Doll: chocolate-bacon, the espresso cruller, and a new one with a gin glaze and a coconut-wasabi cream filling. They named that one after Jeremy Messersmith, but I think they should call it the Alyssa. PS: shamefully, there were even more doughnuts than just these three. (BUT I DRANK A LOT OF WHISKEY ON FRIDAY.)

3. A walk around Lake Calhoun

4. Dinner on the patio at the Black Forest. Meat aspic was involved. The waitress told Ben that he “looked like the kind of guy who’d like aspic, so I didn’t warn you what was in it.” Am I flattered or offended that that my boyfriend looks like he’d like jellied meat?

5. Guiltily reading on the couch all day Sunday

6. Mogwai! I would like to do a study on the average height of a Mogwai fan. They’re big. I know because I stood behind all of them.



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