For as long as I’ve lived in Minneapolis, I haven’t been able to partake in Record Store Day for some reason or another. Finally, I got to, and the whole day just ended up being one big long love letter to my neighborhood.

Ben and I went to the Electric Fetus. It was crazy busy. I didn’t buy anything, but I got some OutKast stickers. I was inordinately excited about them. (OUTKAST COME TO MINNESOTA THIS SUMMER, KTHNX.) We saw this band, Two Harbors. (I didn’t hear this song, but man, I love this one.)

The rest of the day was all about:

*Sweet potato tacos from the Chef Shack food truck out back OMNOMNOM.

*Doughnuts at Glam Doll. I had the peanut butter-Sriracha, and it was incredible.

*Looking longingly at Dr. Hauschka’s stuff that I can’t afford at the new day spa on Nicollet.

*Snarky “congrats on the baby” card shopping for Isabel and Brandon at the stationery store next to that.

Goddamn, I love where I live.

Then I went to Ben’s, and we saw “20 Feet from Stardom.” I loved it, and it was so worthy of the Best Documentary Oscar it won. Since we watched this, Saturday night, I’ve had “Gimme Shelter” stuck in my head. As big a Stones fan as I am, I hadn’t actually owned this song yet. And it’s obviously the greatest background singer performance of all time. The video I’m posting doesn’t have the original background singer (Merry Clayton), but the one in this performance (Lisa Fischer) is in the movie too, so it all gets tied together.


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