Does this look like the world’s most beautiful LA Fitness to you? I spent about an hour and a half looking at it Friday night, stuck in the left turn lane waiting for Triple A when my boyfriend’s car just…stopped. It grew on me. I was probably a lot crankier than I needed to be during this ordeal, considering it wasn’t my car that became inoperable. (Sorry, Ben.)

I learned a lot this weekend.

1. I forgot how difficult it can be to be vegetarian. (I didn’t mention it, but for the moment I’ve stopped eating meat, except yuppie meat, like, local/organic/free-range/star charts done.) This meant that at not-yuppie restaurants Ben and I went to, it was salads and grilled cheese sandwiches for me.

2. “Orange Is the New Black” is as good as everyone said. I read the book over spring break, and I had to start watching.

3. The “Fuck Mountain” card will ALWAYS win you a hand of Cards Against Humanity. No matter what the question. I’ve never seen it lose.

4. Let’s say your boyfriends friends have a party where they have everclear? And you drink a bunch of it? And for some reason you start talking about the Sex Pistols version of “My Way” and insist ALL NIGHT that you need to watch “Sid and Nancy” immediately? Don’t trust your boyfriend’s friend when he says it’s on Netflix. Learn from my mistakes, kids: “SID AND NANCY” IS NOT ON NETFLIX. The world is unfair. So it’s my song of the week.

PS: So…do any of you own this movie? I do still really want to see it again.


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