5 reasons

…that maybe I’m not too old to go to a punk rock show.

Ben and I went to see Guttermouth at the Triple Rock the other night. Even though he warned me that it probably wouldn’t end until 10:30, I thought, “Well, I’m only young once.” Even though if you ask the middle schoolers, I’m not even that anymore. Anyway:

1. Guttermouth allowed me to relive my youth. Specifically, it allowed me to relive summers and winters home from college, hanging out with my punk rock hockey player friends. We would grill at Matt’s, make each other mix CDs, and drink at the Bierstube. It was the only era of my life when I could walk into a bar and have the waiter ask if I wanted the usual.

2. It was refreshing to go to a show where people showed their appreciation by screaming things like, “I’M YOUR #1 FAN!!!” At the shows I usually go to, people show their appreciation by standing in one place and nodding along. Maybe tapping a foot when they’re feeling crazy (The Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks show I saw a few months ago would be the apotheosis of this.)

3. This is site-specific, and I didn’t even eat there on Tuesday, but the Triple Rock has the best bar food. Their poutine makes me so happy.

4.Going to work on Tuesday and saying, “Oh, I’m so tired; I only got 4 hours of sleep ’cause I went to see a punk show” gives me some cred with my students. Is it wrong that I do love it when middle schoolers think I’m cool? Maybe I’m making up for when I actually was a middle schooler, and was decidedly not cool.

5. New bands. I loved Nostrildamus, partially because it was two girls, so I felt righteously feminist, partially because the name is excellent, and partially because they were awesome. This isn’t from their Tuesday set, but it’s equally badass.


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