I already failed at a “regular feature” in week 2 of it. Maybe this is why I’m not yet a successful professional blogger who can work at home in my pajamas.

Last week my man friend and I went to see a documentary called “Tim’s Vermeer,” which is about a rich-as-God inventor who became obsessed with the realism of Vermeer’s paintings, and then decided to figure out what device Vermeer could have used to paint so realistically–obviously he wasn’t painting from photographs. Tim made a few hypotheses, and when he thought he’d figured it out, he made a reproduction of the room in the painting, and then painted his own reproduction, using the device and techniques he figured Vermeer had used. It seemed to work.

File:Vermeer's The Music Lesson.jpg

Being not at all a STEM kind of person, I only kiiiind of understood the physics and geometry. It involved mirrors and a camera obscura. What I do know is that I love the band Camera Obscura, and their best song (according to me) popped into my head every time Tim (or anyone else) said the words “camera obscura.”

Behold: “Lloyd, I’m Ready to Be Heartbroken,” song of the week.


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