Fonduin’ It

Fondue night. It’s not just for ironic apres-ski activities in Gstaad. (I just learned that fondue is an ironic apres-ski activity in Gstaad. Did you know?)

I combined this recipe and this recipe and it turned out just dandy. I used brats, whole-wheat tortellini, red pepper strips, kettle chips, Fuji apples, and bread cubes as dippers. And since I needed beer for the fondue, I bought a tall boy of PBR and boiled the brats in beer too. I also needed beer for drinking. I find that drinking is the best pre-having-people-over activity you can do.

There was some mad Scattergories action. However, the problem with playing Scattergories with smart people is that three people will write “settee” for “pieces of furniture” when the letter is S. No one will write “sofa.”

There would be pictures of the spread, but the cat prevented my getting everything ready early by BEING INTO EVERY GODDAMN THING.

I recommend you invite crafty people as guests whenever possible. Tea wreath: coolest hostess gift ever.Image

I also recommend inviting Michiganders, because this wine exists in Michigan and I love it. Image


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