Birthday resolutions

My birthday was not fantastic, insofar as it was parent-teacher conference night, and I had to work 13 hours, plus it snowed. I did get a free cupcake from Panera though, so it wasn’t all bad, and a very sweet handmade card from one of my favorite sixth-graders. 

But no one wants to hear about lame birthdays.

I decided a few years ago, when I still wrote in paper journals, before I started living with boyfriends, that I would make birthday resolutions instead of New Year’s resolutions. They seem more personal and less forced that way.

These are mine:

  • Finish the YA novel I started. Then send it to publishers. I think I’m cornering a niche.

  • Join a book club. In college I always thought, “I’m reading this novel that I like; why do we have to analyze the living hell out of it?” Now when I read a really good book I think, “WHO CAN I TALK ABOUT THIS WITH???”

  • Cook for people more often. I miss throwing dinner parties. Also, it would stop me from eating frozen pizzas every other night. Isa Does It was my birthday present to myself, so we can start there.

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