Chicago bliss

Chicago bliss

Because (clockwise):
* Homemade crepes for breakfast!
* Cute hotel rooms in downtown Chicago!
* Cooking giant authentic Spanish meals, replete with paella and tapas, plus lots and lots of sangria!

Other, not-pictured reasons:
* Lance Armstrong. Not him, necessarily, but watching his interview took up a lot of Friday night, and his missing testicle was an integral part of our game of Cards Against Humanity
* Amazing pizza, even if we had to settle for Gino’s East instead of Lou Malnati’s
* Drinking wine and Facebook-stalking people until 2 AM
* Just in general being in the presence of some of my favorite people in the world

(Also, I realize that this collage is a little bit obnoxious, but now it’s created, so tough it out.)


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