Happy widowmoon!

I started a blog again. Let’s hope it lasts more than about three posts this time. I started it because I like to write and because 95% of my favorite people live far away. MOVE TO HERE, PEOPLE. Otherwise I have to sit in scenic Minneapolis-St Paul International Airport and blog while I wait to fly to you.

I have decided that, as someone recently widowed*, I deserve what I’m calling a widowmoon. People get to go on vacations when they get married, and before they have babies, and lord knows that being widowed is a damn fine reason for a vacation.

So, as with all major life crises, I analyzed everything and didn’t come up with anything very interesting, but I’ve decided that this is my chance to do all the silly little things that I’ve always wanted to do but haven’t, silly things like visiting every state and visiting every continent–turns out most of my life goals are travel-related, so I suppose in that regard it’s nice that most of you probably aren’t reading this from Minneapolis.

So tonight I’m off to Chicago to play with Jack Russells and eat homemade crepes and play Cards Against Humanity and have sleepovers with some of my favorite people, so it’s the beginning of something good coming from something tremendously shitty.

*Yes, legally speaking, I was not widowed, but if you argue that point with me you’re a huge douchebag.


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